Decentral, community driven micro mobility
Human centric & open source

Short overview (slides)

Why You Will ❤

Common Bike

Grab a bike wherever you want, whenever you want. Unlock any shared bike with your phone. End your rental by closing the lock at any drop-off location.

Great for humanity

The current innovations are centralised platforms with a lack of democracy and care of privacy. On one hand people like a smooth service like Uber but on the other hand, people are on the lookout for an alternative that is also great for humanity.

Community driven

You can help building the framework or share your bike. Yes You Can Contribute!


The web is involving with decentralized apps (DApps) and data solutions such as Solid and 3Box. We are commited ourselfs to create & integrate with decentralized solutions.

Privacy by design

Openness and citizen data sovereignty

100% Open source

We love open source! Everything we will create will be available on Gitlab immediately. We build on open source software.

Commonbike structure

Yes You Can!

The 4 ways to contribute

  • Co-create the framework

    You can co-create Common Bike. We plan to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization in the near future where you can earn bounties with tasks for coding, testing, designing, security checks, community building and more. If you already interested lets have a talk at our chat.

  • Share your bike

    When our platform is ready bike owners can share their bike(s) on the platform. We are always open to get in touch with bike rental companies, municipalities & organizations that are sharing bikes. Are you already providing some of your citizens or employees a bike? In the future you can use the Common Bike token to provide them a bike without all the hassle.

  • Partnering

    We are always open to getting in touch with developers who love to contribute a bit voluntarily and electric bicycle lock manufacturers and related open source projects such as identity & decentralized data storage providers. Get in touch at our chat.


We plan to have the Common Bike framework available in the future.



Open Source & Decentralization

Solid, Gitlab

We are moving from Github to Gitlab and are experimenting with our Solid POD server.



The beginning of...

We plan to have the first version of the framework and Common Bike token.



Twitter & Meetup


We created the first community activiteites with Twitter & Meetup.


Open Bike locker


We experimented with IoT bike lockers together with the The Things Network LoRa, Permanent Future Lab and Seats2meet communities.



Leiden, The Netherlands

We had a small pilot with Easyfiets in Leiden.

Where do you want to bike?

We had a small pilot in Leiden, The Netherlands. Now we are taking the next steps to build the framework for a decentral, community driven and 100% open source bike sharing experience. In the meantime you can find shared bikes in The Netherlands with

Lets keep in touch

Seen at

Common Bike is already been discussed in a diversity of media

OV magazine

Open deelfietssysteem van start in Leiden read more (Dutch)

Thalia Verkade - De Correspondent

Door met fietsen na Fiets vs. File? Hier zijn zes initiatieven. read more (Dutch)